Ahh, 2012. The new year is always an awesome time. It’s kind of cool to think about one point in the year where almost everyone on the planet is ending an experience and starting one at the same time. 2012, of course, is being regarded as the apocalypse amongst certain people. Aside from all of the humorous R.E.M. re-writes and random jokes about the Mayans running out of ink (my personal favorite said if the Spanish hadn’t come maybe the Mayans could have finished the calendar ha ha). However, anytime something is rumored to end the world everyone must form an opinion about it just to stay sane with all the media and random buzz. Now, as some of you may know I am a complete Baseball freak. I played baseball all my life until I graduated High School and due to an elbow injury I now only play softball. That being said, inherently as a baseball player and youth coach I am the usual, stereotypical amount of superstitious I am never one to mock a belief or bring on the bad juju, however, I am also of the belief that I have heard enough about the end of the world over the past few years and including Y2K. Personally I think the Mayans just got tired of writing. I mean if I was given the task to make a calender, and I made one that had a total of 2000+ years I think I’d call it a day at some point wouldn’t you?

All jokes aside the new year is also known for other things namely resolutions. I have come up with some resolutions to make me a better photographer and help my business.

1: For the next year, unless my plans for the day involve water, my camera will be with me everywhere I go no exceptions.

2: I am going to make one image per day

3: I am going to publish a blog post once at least once a week.

So until next week thanks for checking out my blog, follow me on twitter and enjoy a few pictures I took of our New Years Fireworks here in Waikiki


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