2012 Canon USA Photo Contest, I need help!

Hey Guys, I need everybody’s help. I am entering the 2012 Canon USA Photo Contest. The Rules say that each entrant is allowed 3 5X8 prints. The contest theme is “Snapshots of Hawaii”. Knowing that my first two entries are going to be:

“Passing on the Addiction”


“Hawaiian Harmony”

The contest is being judged on the following criteria: “The top 25 entries that best combine visual impact and technical photographic skill while representing the theme will be selected for awards.”-Canon USA. That being said, I can’t figure out what my final entry should be. I need yall’s help. Check out the following pictures and vote in the pole PLEASE. Help me figure out what I should submit as my final picture. I went through my portfolio and picked out what I thought felt like it had “Aloha” from my point of view. I am really excited about this contest and I have thought up a wager, to all of my friends who are gracious enough to take the time and vote on these pictures and help me with this. The top 25 photos will be framed and placed in the Canon USA Hawaii Office on exhibit at the end of the contest, so if I place in the top 25 with any of the 3 photos that I submit, I will randomly choose one person who voted to receive a free family photo shoot (sorry mom your out of this one haha). Being that I still live in Hawaii but have a lot of friends from my home state of Virginia, if my winner can’t make it to Hawaii while I am still here (I will be moving back to Virginia in the Summer 2013) then I will honor the  prize when I get back to VA for good.

Entries are due by February 29th, 2012 so VOTE NOW! I will be turning in my entry on the 27th or 28th most likely at the Canon USA Hawaiian Office so I am going to end the voting at 12am on February 20th to give myself some time to get the print done and packaged to the contest rules specs.

Here are your options! (In corresponding order with the poll options):

These are pillars from an old pier Dana and I found the last day of my birthday camping trip at Malekahana Campground on the North Shore of Oahu.

This is Byodo-In Temple, it is in the back of Valley of the Temples Memorial Park near Kaneohe, Oahu. It is a gorgeous Buddhist temple with beautiful Koi ponds all around it. One of the most amazing places I have been to since we moved to Hawaii by far.

Maunawili Valley,  I got this shot of the sun rising over the ridges of Maunawili mountain during an early morning hike. This is a perfect example to me of lens flare gone perfectly right.

Our old building is on the right of this picture. The canal is the Ala-Wai Canal. Plagued by muddy brown water and signs that warn against swimming and fishing because of disease, its beauty comes out at night. I opened the shutter up longer to get the lights of passing cars streaking by to ad character to this frame.

The Banana Flower grows on the end of the rack of Banana’s. I took this picture while hiking to Akaka Falls on our recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.

This to me may be my favorite sunset picture ever. I picked the first choice for my entries because of the composition, (the boy and his father, fishing, the ocean, the sunset, the Hawaiian Style dinner cruise boat on the horizon) it seemed to fit the theme more than this one but I still love this picture. I took this at world-famous Sunset Beach on Christmas Day. We had just finished Skyping with my Uncle, Aunt and Cousin when the sun started to set and as you can see, they don’t call it Sunset Beach for nothing…

This was also taken on the Akaka Falls hike on Big Island. The light shining through the palms caught my eye and I got a couple of good ones this one being the best.

The Banyan Tree is a Hawaiian Staple. This is my final finisher from the Akaka Falls Hike. We saw the light shining through the tree at just the right angle and as the gentleman in front of us said “I feel like we’re in Avatar.” I got the perfect angle. He was also kind of correct. Avatar’s tree of life is said to have been inspire by the huge Banyan Trees that James Cameron saw on research hikes on Oahu, Kauai and Big Island.

This is also on Big Island. Thursten Lava Tube is still active at the bottom end so they only allow you to walk about 5 minutes of it now. Imagine back when this entire tube was full of molten lava flowing to the ocean. This is a huge piece of the Hawaiian Archipelago’s history. Lava tubes like this cover the Big Island in the Lava Fields and where the reason that the islands exist today in large part.

Here’s the Poll, please vote while keeping the theme (Snapshots of Hawaii) and the criteria (combining visual impact and photographic skill while staying with the theme) in mind.

Thanks for the support guys! Stay tuned for the blog post next week!



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